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I am of the Catholic faith, always have been, always will be. This is not to say I blindly follow the commands of a whoever happens to be the Pope at the time. There have been many great ones and some not-so-great. And one who makes you wonder if he's ever been a Catholic. The same goes for all the clergy of the Church. But I digress.

The same applies, maybe even more so, to the "evangelist" preachers who pretty much tell their flocks that if they give him, or her, them first class tickets to Heaven. And, I'm digressing again, aren't I.

But here's the notion that popped into my head in light of our nation, a nation formed on Judeo-Christian beliefs, I've always believed, as I think most of my Christian friends would, that Heaven as being this glorious place UP ABOVE. And likewise I think of hell as being that place way DOWN BELOW, the haunted and hot sub-basement of this thing we call "the universe".

Then I look around and see the present day. How we've fallen away from doing good is the right thing to do. That either God does not exist and doing whatever on this earth, lying, cheating, doing violence both physical and emotional. And doing all these things knowing they go against God's will, or even worse, doing them with malice.

Okay, I'm done digressing but it was necessary in order to set the stage for the following.

Look around you. Civilization as we knew it, as it supported life, as people set their own personal path to eternity, that one opportunity to earn your way UP to Heaven, is crumbling before our very eyes. And, if you follow God's will, God's Ten Commandments you will, as true believers do, spend eternity UP in Heaven. But if you're UP in Heaven the earth would naturally be beneath you. Simply put, it would be that place DOWN below… Hell. And given what is going on in this world today it's beginning to look more and more like hell to me. Forget the idea of "Hell on earth" it's looking like "Hell is earth" would be much more accurate in this new world order..

So imagine that, God not only let us make our own choices, He even let those people who don't follow His will construct hell.