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Mistakes in Online Stores while Working with Customers?

Mistakes in Online Stores while Working with Customers?

The consultant in the field of customer service and business systematization, the founder of the WOW service school and the speaker of the Syndicate training program, Yekaterina Sharaevskaya, specifically for readers of our blog, spoke about the main mistakes of online stores that they make when working with customers. Catherine also shared tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

1. Answer calls only during "business hours"
Usually people shop outside the office hours: in the evening, on weekends, or even at night. It is at these moments that potential customers have questions, and they turn to the contact center. It is important that there are operators in touch who can advise and accept the order.

“Customers need to be served when it’s convenient for them, not for you.”

See in analytics the time of arrival of calls, messages and letters. Form the operator shifts based on this data. Distribute them to cover evening time and weekends. During high-load hours, get more operators out. In this case, it is most convenient to use the hourly form of payment .

Make sure that at each time interval there are exactly as many employees as you need. To do this, you can use the Erlang calculator .

Example of calculating the required number of operators
To see the number of necessary operators during the day, specify the number of calls per hour, the average call processing time and the time for which you want the call to be serviced.

Based on this data, define carrier shifts. During recession hours, plan employee breaks, including lunch.

2. Receive calls by mobile phone
This is a 100% guarantee that some people will not get through to you. After all, they can dial at the same time.

One of the priorities of the online store is to solve the call processing issue. Even when it comes to 3-5 operators.

Many people think that implementing a contact center is expensive. So it was before. There are many solutions on the market, including cloud and low-cost ones.

You can set up informing customers after hours, receive detailed analytics on calls and notifications of missed calls.

While everything rests on one person, who receives calls and sends and sends content, it’s too early to launch a contact center. This should be done as soon as it comes to hired employees.

Should we Still offer Give Aways to our Customers?

I also used the paper book and goodies in the context of fan generation actions for my Chatbot on Facebook Messenger (eg: winning books following a quiz…).

Choosing the right corporate gifts to offer

To choose the right business gift, you must first define the objective of your action.

Depending on your objective, you can choose a suitable advertising object both in terms of support for the message, price, format, etc.

This ranges from simple bags at a show to a reusable water bottle.

Then you need to set an appropriate budget.

In order not to offer too much or too little, you need to think carefully about the value of the relationship you have with each of your customers build via giveaways

This task will be tedious, but it must be done to be sure of the outcome of your actions.

Here too, you can segment your customers according to the importance and frequency of their purchases, and offer them a gift of greater or lesser value.

A simple method is to divide the amount of the total budget allocated to the action to the number of customers to be rewarded, taking into account the segmentation done previously.

Of course, the amount of this budget will depend on the size of your business, but also on your turnover. Would you want to design your own cashback site.

In any case, it is strongly advised to offer original, practical, useful and lasting gifts ... NEVER skimp on quality, it is your image that is at stake!