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Which Programming Language To Learn For The Beginners

In this blog, we are going to tell you about which programming language to learn. For your future which programming language to learn is best for you.

On this blog we will present a brief overview of some programming languages. With these languages, you can understand which programming language is better for you. And for the future, it's good to know that the programming language is better for you.


Python is one of the best languages, easy to learn it because of its readability. It is also a free and open programming language. This is a great choice for back programming and application development.


  • Python supports several systems and platforms.

  • Using object-oriented programming (OOP) functionality, we can create and use classes and objects.

  • Expanded library support

  • This allows you to scale complex applications without much difficulty.


  • For mobile computers, this is not a good/ideal solution

  • Because the programming language is interpreted, it is slower.

  • The Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) thread is not good.

  • Python database access layer is a bit immature

Usage /application: it is mainly used to create websites, scientific applications, business applications, graphical user interface, etc.


Java is a programming language and is designed to create web applications. This is one of the right choices for large organizations. And because of its stability, it is used by large companies. Java is not difficult to learn and is a very popular language.


  • Java has multiple open source libraries.

  • Java has automatic memory allocation and refuses to collect.

  • Supports OOP paradigm

  • It is safe and operates a multi-threaded building.


  • Java memory management is expensive.

  • The lack of a template has been limited by creating high-quality data structures.

  • It is slower compared to other programming languages such as C and C.

Usage/app: Java is mainly used for Android apps, web apps, and large data sets.


For data analysis and machine learning, programming language R is used. Used for graphical and statistical calculations. Companies have adopted the R language very well.


  • R languages are open source languages, which means you can use them all.

  • This is a comprehensive language of statistical analysis.

  • R encourages you to develop new ideas.

  • The R language may work on different operating systems due to the nature of the platform.


  • In R, security is not good.

  • Programming guidelines are also not stringent.

  • Memory management is also poor.

  • The quality of some packages must not be indicated.

Usage /application: R programming language used mainly in data science, statistical calculations and machine learning projects.


JavaScript is a front-end programming language and is used to program frontend applications. Today, many companies use a JavaScript-based runtime, nodejs. For client-side scripts and server scripts, you can use a single programming language using JS.


  • Client-side JavaScript works very quickly in the client-side browser.

  • JavaScript is easy to learn.

  • For other languages, it can work very easily.

  • The increase in functionality has many additions, such as Greasemonkey.


  • It cannot be copied, and the same method is not available.

  • Different browsers interpret JavaScript differently.

  • JAVASCRIPT few successions is not possible, it allows only one legacy.

Usage/Applications: JavaScript language used mainly for web application development, computer application development, mobile application development, game development.


A fast programming language is used to program the IOS application. Nowadays, iOS devices are becoming more and more popular. For example, apple iPhone and creates strong competition on Android.


  • Swift's syntax is like English, so it makes reading easier.

  • This language has a function that prevents memory leakage, which is an automatic memory management feature.

  • In Swift, we can easily add new features.

  • Compared to other languages such as Python, Objective-C, it is fast.


  • Limited language resources are available in Swift.

  • Community support is also limited.

  • Fast programmers are very limited because it is a new programming language.

  • Swift is a bit unstable thanks to a constant update of apple swift version.

Usage applications: Swift is used to create a variety of iOS apps when working with Apple Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frames.


C/C++ is like programming bread and butter. Mainly this type of low-level system, such as operating systems, file systems, etc., is written in C/C++. If you want to be a programmer at the system level, you need to learn C/C++.


  • In C/C++ programs, execution is faster than most programming languages.

  • To understand the most complex programming languages, it forms the basis.

  • Programs written in C/C++ + are easy to understand.

  • It has a great library of features.


  • Its syntax is complicated.

  • It is unable to solve real development problems.

  • There is no waste collection or dynamic memory distribution in this language.

  • No lead time and rigorous type checks.

Usage applications: C++ is commonly used in advanced calculations, game design, and graphics compilers.


C # is a programming language developed by Microsoft. This is a universal programming language. It is usually used for back programming, to create applications for Windows mobile phones or to create games through unity etc.


  • The C syntax is mostly the same as C.

  • C # is fully integrated with the .NET library.

  • The run time and compilation of c# is fast.

  • It's easy to integrate with Windows.


  • In unsecured blocks, this allows you to determine.

  • C # is smaller than C++.

  • It takes a decent time to study.

  • Preventing errors requires competence and good knowledge.

Usage applications: C is mainly used to create enterprise applications, web applications.


PHP is a programming language and was initially used to create web pages. PHP is a hypertext processor. PHP language is a free and open language. It is typically used for interactive and powerful HTML pages.


  • Creating websites is a simple task.

  • PHP is a classic and debugging Xdebug.

  • Supports object-oriented and functional programming.

  • Too much is a powerful environment.


  • Creating pages in PHP is not faster than other programming languages.

  • Because it's open source, it's not safe.

  • The error tool is not good.

Usage applications: PHP is mainly used for content management systems, e-commerce programs, web applications.

Conclusion: You can now choose a programming language for learning. On this blog we presented some of the most important languages. Now it's up to you which programming language is useful to you.

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