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Houston Animal Cruelty and Rescue SPCA

As Houston first and largest animal protection organization, Houston SPCA offers the region most comprehensive, highly qualified care and services to animals in need.

Houston Animal Cruelty is intended to be a proactive and exhaustive way to deal with exploring human brutality against creatures. Concerned residents can report mercilessness through either our site, which is the best, or by calling the focal call community number.


Veterinary Clinic and Animal Shelter in Houston, TX


Who Are We?


The Houston Humane Society is committed to, and progressing in the direction of, finishing cold-bloodedness, misuse and the overpopulation of creatures while giving the highest caliber of life to those brought to us for care.


We have hounds, felines, ponies, and an arrangement of different creatures fit to be embraced into their new everlastingly homes! The reception procedure is straightforward, and we considerably offer certain limits for a portion of our fuzzy companions.


Where Do Our Funds Come From?


We get no bureaucratic, state, or nearby government financing and depend entirely on gifts, program administrations, and extraordinary occasions. HHS is carried out to making consciousness of creature government assistance all through the Houston people group by giving various projects to Houston region inhabitants and their pets, including pet appropriations, sympathetic instruction, creature wrongdoings examinations, and Houston's best high volume, minimal effort fix/fix and wellbeing center.


How Might You Help?


As impossible as it sounds, creature cold-bloodedness is a predominant issue on the planet today. With your assist we with canning diminish creature enduring all through the Houston region. Appropriation, chipping in, instruction, taking an interest in our unique occasions, or making a gift to help bolster our projects, are for the most part ways you can assist HHS with having any kind of effect in lives of manhandled, destitute, and dismissed creatures.


On our site you will discover data on the entirety of our superb projects, tips, and different assets to support you and your pet carry on with a long and sound coexistence!