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Volvo Decided to Limit the Speed of its cars to 180 km / h.

Volvo Corporation began to limit the speed of its cars to 180 km / h

Volvo Corporation, as part of its own Safe Riding Strategy, has announced the start of actions aimed at limiting driver ardor of motorists.

First of all, as the Autocar portal informs on Wednesday, April 15, the Swedish brand will very soon begin to limit the maximum speed of the entire model line to 180 km / h. It is worth saying that the maximum speed of a modern car brand currently ranges from 190 - 250 km / h.

Last year, the Volvo auto concern announced the release of the Care Key transponder, which will be equipped with all the cars of the brand as standard from 2021. Thanks to this gadget, owners of new auto brands will be able to set a speed limit for themselves, relatives and friends using one car.

But according to new information, now we are not talking about the voluntary establishment of speed by the owners of cars of the Swedish brand, but about the introduction of a limiter without fail. Auto brands with new equipment will be launched this year, and they will be sold as 2021 models.

The second measure, designed to reduce the number of accidents, is the creation and introduction of equipment that will automatically slow down the car to very low speeds on the territory of medical institutions, schools and other municipal organizations, where there is a large concentration of people. Obviously, we are talking about the modernization of proprietary adaptive cruise control systems, which is linked to the navigation system.

Finally, another solution that drivers are unlikely to approve of, however, is likely to please safety advocates, is to expand the functionality of a proprietary system that controls motorist fatigue.

According to the assumptions, the new equipment will be able to determine whether the driver is intoxicated or hangover, and even more effectively monitor his physical parameters. Including technologies based on sensors and on-board cameras, it will be able to fix inhibition of reactions and inappropriate human behavior behind the wheel. And if necessary, such systems can automatically stop the car.

In the other hand, Turkish national electric cars approved in Europe

TOGG, a Turkish automobile concern, has registered in the EU exclusive copyright on the appearance of promising electric models of its development, a project that is known as the debut national Turkish electric car.

The patent is valid for 5 years. Perhaps TOGG will be forced to renew it before the entire family of electric cars (sedan, cross, compact crossover, hatchback and van) appears - the project is planned until 2030.

The project of the national Turkish electric car was personally initiated by the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan. TOGG Corporation was formed in the summer of 2018. At the end of 2019, in the presence of Erdogan, a solemn demonstration of the concepts of a cross and a sedan took place. The debut electric cars are scheduled for release in 2022.

However, not much is known about the technical details of the new models. It is only known that all electric cars will be built on the basis of some absolute new platform with a wheelbase of 2800 mm. The creators will offer the use of both one and two electric motors