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Artificial Intelligence VS Humans - How World Will Be In 2050?

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence because it is constructed with the help of machines. On the other hand, natural intelligence is displayed by human beings. With the help of artificial intelligence, the machines are able to communicate for the purpose of learnin

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence because it is constructed with the help of machines. On the other hand, natural intelligence is displayed by human beings. With the help of artificial intelligence, the machines are able to communicate for the purpose of learning and problem-solving. Artificial intelligence is abbreviated as AI and it is divided into three types. First is known as analytical intelligence, second is known as human-inspired intelligence and the last is known as humanized artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will change our lives in 2050 in the following ways;


You will be banned from driving

According to Doctor Walsh, human beings will be able to make autonomous vehicles until 2050. After buying these autonomous vehicles, there will be no need for the human beings to learn driving because these vehicles will be programmed in such a way that these vehicles can easily move on the roads without any driver. These autonomous vehicles will make ways of transport cheaper for passengers. As we know that most accidents occur on the roads due to the negligence of human beings. Till 2050, the roads will be safer because the vehicles will be controlled with the help of artificial intelligence instead of human beings.


You will have an AI doctor

Nowadays, if we have to check-up from a doctor, we have to take an appointment from him/her. On the other hand, it is expected that till 2050, every person will have his own personal AI doctor. This personal AI doctor will have enough idea about your particular diseases and gene sequence. These AI doctors will monitor our sugar level, blood pressure level and other factors on a regular basis in order to ensure our health. If we are suffering from some major issues, these AI doctors will also call for help.


Your boss will be a robot

Nowadays, we can see that lots of jobs in different areas of life are assigned to robots. Its reason is that these robots have the abilities to perform their duties better than human beings. Till 2050, it is expected that your boss will also be a robot. This robotic boss will judge your performance on the basis of your abilities and he will hire or fire you. Moreover, this robotic boss will be responsible for the loss and gain in the profit. If you will have an emergency and you want to get a vacation, you will have to approve your application from this robotic boss. This robotic boss will also schedule the activities of the workers for the purpose of increasing the efficiency in a firm.


Smart homes will be common

Nowadays, if we want to turn ON light, we have to switch ON the button. In a similar way, if we want to read the news, we will have to buy a newspaper. According to scientists, these trends of lifestyle will also be changed until 2050. In 2050, if we want to turn ON switch, we just need to ask ‘Turn ON Switch’ and the switch will be turned ON with the help of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, if we want to get an idea about the hot news, we just need to ask ‘Read Newspaper’, a robot will read all the hot news of the day. There will be smart fridges, pots and bicycles in homes instead of traditional fridges, pots and bicycles. The problem of these smart homes will be such that our privacy will be challenged because AI will monitor and listen to all of our activities.


There will be robotic criminals

In the future, if it is expected that all the tasks will be performed by robots, it is also expected that all the criminal activities will also be performed by robots. As we know that 2050 will be a year of AI and in order to run any function with the help of AI, there require some computers programs. These computer programs can be hacked. It is expected that all criminal activities like hacking will be performed by robots rather than human hackers.


Robots will beat us at sports

At the international level, it is expected that the players should show record performances. Most of the players are not able to show their record performances because their opponents are not so accurate. In the future, this trend will also be changed. Till 2050, there will be robotic players and these robotic players will have the abilities to beat you in the sports. These robotic players will be accurate in their performances and on the basis of their performances, the performances of the players will also be judged. The sports management will also be changed with the help of these robotic players.


News will not be written by human beings

Almost the articles including this article are written by human beings. In the future, it is also expected that this task of article writing will also be assigned to the robots. Today, we are also getting services of robots to write financial reports for companies like dissertation writing services and sports stories. Some channels have also successfully performed the experiment of a robotic newscaster. Till 2050, all the news channels will use robotic newscasters. These newscasters will also have the abilities to discuss current issues and give their expert views on these current issues.


We will live as chatbots after we die

It is a natural phenomenon that we can’t give life to a person after death. Anyhow, in the future, it is expected that after the death of a human being, his chatbot will be prepared. This chatbot will have the ability to talk and lead a life just like us. This robot will have the abilities to listen to questions of our relatives and to provide the possible answers to these questions like us. The main purpose of making these robotic chatbots will be to provide comfort to other family members.


In short, we can say that till 2050, AI will totally change our lifestyle and we will depend on robots rather than human beings.