MAGICIAN: The job is to get behind a nearby Tre |

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MAGICIAN: The job is to get behind a nearby Tree, and also cast a Smokescreen spell out on a guard the Sneaker tells you to, if it's from OSRS Gold the Ranger's magnificent selection. Again, if you smoke that has not discovered a sneaker, more guards will probably be summoned.

Single and Multi-player Strategies. Individual Game Strategy. Load on Bandages, as they cure everywhere from 5-12HP (depending on your HP level), which you might need while battling the Enemy, in addition to a rope. When you have all the bandages, run to the west of the backyard, and hide behind whatever you can (there'll be a"Hide-Behind" option on several objects), wait until a protector has passed or can't watch you then run into the next place.

When you reach a Shed, hide inside it. There is one sleeping guard, if you run by it it'll wake up and kick you out, so be certain that you're walking. Climb up the ladder, and wield your bow and arrow(s). Attempt to"Fire-at" Windowsill, and rely on your ranged level you need to hit on it and earn a zipline for youpersonally, or the arrow will miss. When you've got a line, pick"Hang-across" and you will begin moving across the line. In case you have an extremely low agility, you might fall into a bush but nothing will happen.

Now you are in the home, especially the bathroom. There are not any guards in here, so make sure you check from the hallway there are no guards there. After the hallway is clear of guards, depart the door and rush into the closest room, a bedroom. There's one shield, facing the window. Turn run OFF, and walk to the guard. Ensure you don't walk inside him, or he will kick you out of the entire place.

Walk directly behind him, and assault or pickpocket him. He has 20hp, so try and make a quick kill, or in case you have a good thieving (60+) Pickpocket him. He'll drop/receive a Guard helmet. This item is crucial. Place it on, and take all of your additional armor except off your weapon. Exit the area, with run away, in the hallway. Walk beyond any guards to the previous room, at the end of the hallway. When no guards are confronting you, put on Cheap RS 3 Gold your armor and open the door. The hostage-taker will attack you with variety and melee.


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