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Development of the Love Dolls

In addition, the body structure of the adult doll, although it is the same as the real person, there are still some differences in the body.

In addition, the body structure of the adult doll, although it is the same as the real person, there are still some differences in the body. For example, some people may like the abundance, but some people prefer the thin one. And the height of the love dolls is also very different. Some dolls may be shorter. Buy it back. If your daughter is more suitable, if you want the doll to be your wife, you can buy a slightly longer body.

To be honest, there is no perfect way to keep your love doll. How you store your doll depends on the convenience of you. Some people have enough space under their bed and would prefer to put their doll directly back in the box and push it under. Others love to hang the love dolls vertically in their closet.

One way to store your love doll vertically is simply with an i-bolt purchased and hangs on the cabinet bar. When storing your love or sex doll, it is advisable to cover the doll with the protective, soft cloth cover that accompanies the doll. If you want, you can also buy a clear or white plastic wrapper to wear wedding dresses or suits over the body. Avoid black or dark covers as they can discolour your love doll. You can wrap your head or cover it with the white bag that comes with the doll.

With the continued development of the Love Dolls market, manufacturers are also working intensively on research and development. Already today there are dolls that can make noises. If you have such a demand, the manufacturer can of course satisfy you. Other consumers hope that dolls can be more similar to real people, that is, they can have body temperature, and manufacturers have solutions, but if you want these extra features, the price of these dolls is not cheap. Not for everyone.