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How to store&hide life-size love dolls?

How do you store your sex doll after use? Continue reading to know how.

Always remember to put a cushion under your doll regardless of how you lie it, whether on the bed, on the floor or in the storage box. Doing this will prevent the curve on the back or buttocks to become flattened or deformed which could happen as a result of long-term compression by weight. Ensure you place your doll on a cushion, especially for TPE sex dolls; it’s impossible to rebound if the body gets deformed.

Racymedoll sex doll’s simulated skin is made of imported raw materials which are non-toxic and no smell. The hardness of skin is 0HA,the stretching rate is 450%,and tear resistance is 1.7Mpa.The surface of skin products will leak oil after a long time.This is normal because the formula contains silicone oil,please wipe it gently with a towel.The dust and stain will adhere to the surface when using and placing the doll.In order to preserve the good function of skin and the cleaning of silicone surface,please maintain it every once in a while.Maintenance interval is varied depending on the usage and storage,usually once a month.First use a sponge or a towel to gently wipe the doll’s surface with warm water.

If there is dirt on the surface,please repeatedly wipe with soapy water,do not smear vigorously.Be sure not to use corrosive cleaner while wipe the skin surface,including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents.You could use soap,laundry detergent,shampoo,shower gel or mild detergent to clean.When it gets dry,please apply bath powder or talcum powder.Please wear a mask when applying powder to avoid inhaling dust.