How To Grow Taller – Effective Methods To Start Getting Taller

Have you always looked enviously at tall people and wondered How To Grow Taller naturally? Have you always longed to stand tall among the crowd and then felt disappointed that there is no way to get taller as you are past the growth years?

If yes, then you are at the right place because this article tells you how to improve your height without the use of any drugs, supplements or pills. You can add those much needed few inches to your height with the help of exercises, correct postures and right diet.

How to Get Taller With the Help of Exercises

One of the best ways to increase the height is by doing stretching exercises. Stretching exercises like twisting or stretching to the highest point that you can reach a couple of times during the day helps in improving the height by 2-3 inches.

Yoga-like stretching exercise aim at stretching the spine and hence prove to be very effective. With effective stretching exercises, the back muscles are toned and the spine is straightened, leading to a permanent increase in height.

How to Get Taller With Correct Postures

Incorrect Postures can take away few inches of height away from us. Sitting straight on a chair rather than slumping on it helps in maintaining a strong back with a straight spine.

Similarly, sleeping in the correct posture can help your spine stretch. While sleeping, make sure that you use a good pillow and a body friendly mattress.  Ensure that your shoulders do not stoop while walking or standing.

How to Get Taller with the Right Diet

Apart from exercises and the correct posture, it is also important to follow a healthy diet to improve your height. The diet should be rich in proteins and Vitamin D as they help in triggering the growth hormones. Avoiding junk food and eating lean meat, egg white, cheese, fish oil etc can help the growth hormones function better.

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