Engaging Essays: How to Write a Paper That Is Enjoyable Read

The essay is one of the most common writing assignments given to students. So why do so many essays seem boring and unengaging?

The essay is one of the most common writing assignments given to students. So why do so many essays seem boring and unengaging? The reason for this has a lot to do with how essay assignments are often structured. Students are typically told that they must write an essay on a particular topic, but there's no guidance on what kind of essay structure or argument style they should use. It doesn't have to be this way! In this article, we'll explore some ways you can set up your essay assignment in order to get your students engaged and producing writing that you truly enjoy reading.

Providing Real-life models and choices

The idea of using writing produced for real audiences to guide their own work excites my students and is one reason the podcast unit we do works so well. Students are able use what they learn in class, like how an essay should start off with introduction or summarizing information from another article-which can be found online!

Another great way mentorship has helped me improve as writer was when I met Allison Marchetti at a conference she attended about diversity issues on college campuses back home where I'm going later this summer—she had just come out her own book that covered some similar topics too but hers comes right away before you even know anything else about her. She talked about how she used to be a writer and all the struggles that came with it before landing this book deal, we chatted about essay writing strategies and I got some awesome suggestions from her on what I can do better for future articles like how using bullet points is an easy way to make essay reading more digestible even if its not essay length.

Writing articles on being a newbie writer that are personal and relatable is what makes writing engaging for my readers! Using an essay format to talk about how different writers have approached getting their first book published or what they wish they had known when they were starting out motivates me too because students can see the possibilities of becoming a published essay writer.

Writing is a process and the essay format makes it easier for readers to understand what you mean so they can follow along better because its not just about getting your point across but making sure its engaging too!

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