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Masters Pokémon is a simple experience of Pokemon. Players will not walk in search of new Pokemon in their list. Instead of that,

Moems Pokémon is a simple experience of Pokemon. Players will not walk in search of new Pokemon in their list. Instead, they will focus on synchronized pairs, which include famous Pokémon coaches and ideal Pokémon choices. Although Sync Peers focuses on the game, some players are curious to know if they exchange these sync pairs for a new combination.

Can you change your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters?

You can not change your Pokemon beyond synchronization pairs already registered in the game. The developers have kept the game simple, ensuring that beginner players are not overwhelmed by the usual amount of variety of players. Pokemon Games. The only changes that players can bring to their pairs of synchronization consist of changing the selected Pokémon if they have the possibility.

Players can see if they have the option when they see their pair of synchronization in the DEX section of their polyphones. Click this area to display the 65 different synchronization pairs available in the game. Choose one of the pairs of synchronization and you should see this coach and Pokémon in the menu. Under the Pokémon, you should see a series of numbers indicating how many times you can evolve this particular Pokémon. We already have a guide on our website detailing the way you will develop a Pokemon.

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Each game player begins with a pikachu as the main Pokémon. For the moment, the developers have not open enough the game to give players the opportunity to change the starter pokemon.

More pairs of synchronization will come out in the future. These can have some of the current coaches in the game with the new Pokemon. For example, there are two versions of Brock. You have traditional combinations Brock and Onyx, then the pairs Sygna follows Brock and Tyranitar. The new pair is delivered with a new movement defined for Tyranitar. Moems Pokémon can include other versions of Sygna follows emblematic coaches, thus modifying how players use their pairs synchronized. However, you can not go out and capture wild pokemon or change the pairs of synchronization in the game.

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