History of Taps Throughout the Water Tap


It was a pivotal mark in history when humanity began to create the technology necessary to better access the local water supply. From wells to water pumps, water is a critical part of everything that we do throughout the day. Perhaps the most important invention is the tap, or faucet, or billi tap - whatever version of this lifesaving appliance that you use in your home.


A tap is a valve, and it is a device that allows the flow of a substance which is not always water. billi taps, for example, are an innovative and eco-friendly kind of tap used all around Australia, the UK, and beyond. Taps are an important invention because they allow the substance to be controlled. While taps were revolutionary when they were revealed, valves are actually a simple machine. Taps can consistent of a screw that lifts a rubber washer and this allows water to flow out. The other form of tap involves a ball valce, which allows water to be controlled via a rotating ball. The ball lines up with the opening and the water is allowed through.


The origin of taps goes back hundreds, even thousands, of years. People have always needed water for cooking, drinking, and washing; these basic necessities have been made easier with taps. Taps have evolved from the network of aqueducts in Ancietn Greece to modern day boiling billies. Even in the dark ages, where civilization was always thought to be primitive, taps could be featured in primarily royal households. It wasn’t until the 1700s that taps began to be more readily featured in the homes of everyday people. 


As the tap continue to evolve, so did the quality of water supply. And, with each new innovative tap, water filtration because a major player in how we process the water that we use everyday. From the first water filters created by a Scottish inventor to the modern water filters used by the billi tap, we can now enjoy sparkling water, boiling water, room temperature water, and chilled water - straight from the valve. Much like the hot and cold switch that came with time, these mixer taps can provide sparkling water and boiling water from the same tap. 


Technology continues to move forward and keep our homes hydrated. From ancient aqueducts to boiling billi taps that also provide chilled water, there are many options for modern taps to ensure every home has free access to water.


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