Storm Chasers, Who They Are, and Why to Avoid Them

More than black clouds and torrential rains accompany severe weather conditions. If you live in Texas, you surely have heard about the so-called storm chasers. These are scammers targeting scared and worried homeowners after violent storms and hurricanes.

These fraudsters use to act as real roofers, promising to repair storm-damaged roofs at low prices.

As a resident of an area where severe weather events are frequent, you should beware of these false roofers. But, how can you spot them and avoid their tactics? You should know how storm chasers operate. That’s what Peak Perfection Contracting will tell you below.

The Storm Chaser Mindset

The only objective of a storm chaser is to take advantage of homeowners’ calamity. 

They keep an eye out for neighborhoods where hail, rain, and winds have caused serious damage. They know that insurance companies will be willing to pay for roof replacements in these locations.

They wait for harsh weather events such as hailstorms or tornadoes hitting to get into action and make their move. Generally, they bring together a “crew” made up of inexpert roofers. Their purpose is to carry out the major number of quick repairs as possible.

Likewise, these scammers offer new roofs to those homes that suffered storm damage. They offer them at incredibly cheap prices, or even for free. To convince homeowners that their roofs are damaged these salespeople employ high-pressure methods.

Frequently, they persuade homeowners to file a claim on their insurance. After all, no one wants to use his savings for a significant expense like a new roof. Also, some storm chasers offer a cash-back deductible for the claim!

Why You Need to Avoid Storm Chasers at All Costs

Storm chasers can harm homeowners in several ways. Apparently, you’ll get a satisfactory roof. But it barely meets the minimum code standards. For example, these false roofers do not consider air circulation and attic insulation. Besides, 

Moreover, storm chasers know how insurance providers work. So, they offer bargain prices, but the shingles they install are low-quality. In other words, your insurance provider will pay for a new roof, but you’ll get a low-grade roof.

And that’s not all. Rather than fixing the underlying issues, they cut corners when repairing your roof. 

As a result, your home can end up more damaged than it was after the storm over the next few months. And, remind that they won’t provide a warranty on their labor. You even may not be able to contact them again!

Therefore, by hiring a storm chaser, you may end up spending much more than what you initially expected!

How to Recognize a Storm Chaser

Identifying storm chasers before they can take advantage of us is crucial. But, how do you know if that person knocking on your door is a scammer? Here, we’ll tell you the signs that will help you spot them.

  • They will persist in checking your roof immediately after a storm.
  • They will offer you an affordable repair job without even seeing the damage.
  • Storm chasers tend to give generic names to their “companies” related to the weather they’ve just encountered. For example, you may see a company called “Hail Specialists” visiting your neighborhood. On the contrary, the name of a genuine roofing company will be related to a band.
  • When selecting a contractor, check their business history. Many roofing firms disappear after their first five years. Thus, watch out for promises that companies recently formed can make you.
  • A genuine roofing service provider would have reviews on websites such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Also, verify their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Hire a Professional to Fix Roofing Damage

If you have to deal with a storm chaser, remember the following: stand your ground!

They will insist. But no matter how persistent they are. Do not allow them to get up on your roof.

Instead, by hiring a professional roofing contractor Tyler TX like Peak Perfection Contracting, you’ll get high-quality roofing repairs. What’s more, your roof will withstand every weather condition.

Our team of professionals is up for every challenge. We’ll make sure your roof is as robust as it was when installed! Call Peak Perfection Contracting today at 903-207-5764 in Longview, or Marshall, Texas.

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