Body Contouring Market Global Share, Size, Future Demand

Body Contouring is a procedure that removes or reduces excess body fat. It involves the alteration of the body parts and improves the appearance. There are various body contouring procedures such as body lift, bra line back lift, body fat transfer, implants, and abdominal etching.

Market Drivers and Restrains

The growing demand to shed-off unwanted pounds via surgical methods to boost appearance can favor the body countering market across the analysis period, reveals Market Research Future. As MRFR assessment, the global body contouring market can thrive at about 9.8% CAGR across the forecast period between 2017 and 2027. The latest study on the body countering market published by MRFR states that the market is expected to earn substantial revenue through the review period. 

The availability of different body contouring procedures, such as; bra line back lift, body lift, implants abdominal etching, and body fat transfer that remove excess skin and fat from abdomen, thigh, and buttocks are observed to win high prominence among expanding obese populace. In addition, body countering observed to gain popularity due to assured safety. These can promote the expansion of the market through the assessment period. The lack of time to continue with exercise and diet regimen for the hectic schedule among healthcare regimen can promote the expansion of the market across the analysis period. On the contrary, high cost of body contouring surgery can resist the market expansion in the near future.

Market Segmentation

The segment assessment of the global body contouring market is done on the basis of type of devices. These segments are minimally invasive devices, invasive devices, and non-invasive devices. The sub-segments of the non-Invasive devices are high intensity focused ultrasound lipoplasty devices and radio frequency lipoplasty devices. The sub-segments of the minimally invasive devices segment are radio frequency assisted liposuction devices and laser assisted lipolysis devices. The sub-segments of the invasive devices segment are ultrasound assisted liposuction devices and other.

As cardiovascular malaises, along with diabetes become more prevalent, they are highly harmful to people with obesity. The increase in such cases at a significant rate can promote the expansion of the body contouring market across the review period. Furthermore, the high consumption of fast food and lack of exercise by these people that require to curb excess fat can promote the body contouring market. Technological advances and rise in need for surgical treatment that offer high success rate can drive the body contouring market in the foreseeable future.

Regional Analysis

Trends and factors that can contribute to the regional growth dynamics of the body contouring market is studied by MRFR across key regions; North America, Europe, APAC, and the Rest of the World. In Europe, the body contorting market is expected to hold command over the global market across the analysis period. The existence of a huge obese populace, along with escalation of healthcare expenditure are some of the prominent growth drives of the regional market. In North America, the growth indicators are similar to Europe, states MRFR assessment. The growing prevalence of diabetes and the rising demand for effective surgeries for obesity can provide thrust to the market expansion. In Asia Pacific, the body contouring market is likely to thrive as developing countries, such as; China and India are observed to contributor largely to contouring market expansion.

Key Players

Meridian (Michigan), Alma Lasers (Israel), Cynosure (US), Lumenis (Israel), Syneron Medical (Israel), Valeant (Canada),  Palomar Medical Technologies (US), Chromogenex (UK), Asclepion Laser Technologies (Germany), GlobalMed Technologies (US), BTL Industries (US), Cutera (US), Andrew Technologies (Canada),  GlobalMed Technologies (US), Invasix Aesthetic Solutions (US), Human Med (Germany), Fotona (Slovenia), InMode (US), Wells Johnson Company (US), and Erchonia (US) are some prominent players that are operating in the global body contouring market that are listed by MRFR.



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