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Shadow Priest DPS Talents & Build Guide for Shadowlands 9.1 Shadowlands 9.1

Talents is one of the main character systems of World of Warcraft, giving players the ability to personalize their character with a variety of abilities.


This guide will explain the way Shadow Priest talents work, as well as the top Shadow Priest talent build builds for Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination or Shadowlands Season 2. We will also cover special content like Raids as well as Mythic+. We also discuss the best uses of each skill so that you can pick the best one for you.


You must not be fighting to be able to change your talents.


Your rotation could be affected by the different options for talent in this guide, and you will find detailed explanations of all viable rotations on our Shadow Priest rotation page.


Best Shadow Priest Talents to Use for Shadowlands


Looking for a quick Shadow Priest build? This is it! If you're seeking something more specific, like raiding or Mythic+ dungeons, then take a look at the other builds listed below.


Level 15: Fortress of the Mind or Death and Madness for dungeons


Level 25: Body and Soul


Level 30: Twist of Fate / Misery or Searing Nightmare for stacked damage.


Level 35: Psychic Horror


Level 40: Auspicious Spirits


Level 45: Void Torrent or Mindbender for dungeons


Level 50: Hungering Void


Shadowlands: Overview of Shadow Priest Talent


Shadow Priest Talent, Tier 1 (Level 15).


Fortress of the Mind Mind Flay, Mind Blast and Fortress of the Mind Mind Flay cause 10 times more damage and produce 20% more insaneness.


Death and Madness When a target is killed within the first 6 seconds of using Shadow Word Death, its cooling timer resets, and you gain 40 insane in just 4 seconds.


Unfurling Darkness: If you cast a Vampiric touch, your next Vampiric touch will be instant and cause immediate damage.


All three talents are suitable depending on the circumstances. Fortress of the Mind can be utilized in settings that do not require Mind Sear. Death and Madness works really well in dungeons since it provides a lot of flexibility regarding your Shadow Word: Death usage and increases your Insanity a bunch. Unfurling Darkness is an instant casting component that makes it easier to hit multiple targets, is extremely effective in PvP scenarios.


Tier 2 (Level 25) Talent for Shadow Priest


Body and Soul Casting Power Word: Shield provides the person in need a 40% speed boost for 3 seconds.


San'layn reduces Vampiric Embrace's cooldown to 45 seconds and increases its healing by 25 percent


Intangibility Lowers the cooldown of Dispersion. It also allows it to heal the caster up to 50 percent of their maximum health.


This row is mostly the choice of the player. While Body and Soul provides an increase in speed for you or your ally when needed and the healing effect of Vampiric Embrace through San'layn is very noticeable in small groups or even by yourself. Intangibility is a possibility when you don't need an increase in speed often or a longer personal cooldown.


Shadow Priest Talent Level 3 Shadow Priest Talent (Level 30).


Twist of Fate - After destroying an opponent with less than 35 percent health, you receive 10% more damage and healing for 8 sec


Misery Casting Vampiric Touch also applies to Shadow Word: Pain (Note, you only get the insanity from Vampiric Touch but not the additional 4 forms of Shadow Word: Pain)


Searing Nightmare It is only available while channeling Mind Sear, it instantly deals 75% damage to all enemies around the target and adds Shadow Word: Pain to all enemies. If an adversary already has Shadow Word: Pain applied to them, it'll deal double damage. It costs 30 Insanity.


In any given scenario there are three talents that in this row could be used. Twist Of Fate is best utilized when you're able to game the proc uptime while not losing too many GCDs for applying dots. Misery is more effective to spread AoE, and Searing Nightmare for big stacks. Searing Nightmare works best in dungeons, as it has a soft goal limitation of 20 enemies. It's not something you'll run into when you are doing huge draws in a specific area of the dungeon. When it comes to raiding, this ability can be extremely beneficial if adds are constantly spawning and must be dealt with when they are stacked over the boss. Twist of Fate is only slightly over Misery on pure single target fights, so you'll not be losing much if you choose to take your time.


Shadow Priest Talent, Tier 4 (Level 35).


Last Word The cooldown for Silence is increased by 15s


Mind Bomb Inflicts the target by the target with a Mind Bomb. It is exploding for 5 seconds and the target dies within two seconds.


Instant Cast


30 second cooldown


Psychic Horror The target is frightened by dazzling them for 4 seconds


Instant Cast


45 second cooldown


Another row is left to the player. The two games Last Word as well as Psychic Horror have major usage, the former letting you be a part of an interrupt rotation and the latter letting you stun an addition or player at a key moment in time. Because of changes to damage thresholds, the disorientation from Mind Bomb acts as a soft AoE stun.


Shadow Priest Talent Tier 5 (Level 40).


Auspicious Spirits: Your Shadowy Apparitions cause 25 percent more damage, and also create 2 insaneness


Your Vampiric Touch is within 40 meters of your Mental Link Mind Blast targets. Half of the damage is dealt to them.


Shadow Crash Send a blast of slow-moving Shadow energy towards the target that deals shadowy damage to all targets hit in the zone of impact.


Creates 15 insaneness


30 second hasted cooldown


Of the three options for talent, only two of them are feasible. Auspicious Spirits can serve as your priority target damage funnel and you can use the additional Insanity for the highest percentage of devouring Plague. Psychic Link shines as the talent to damage most targets evenly, while giving a small amount of additional damage to your primary target. Even though Shadow Crash is technically superior to Auspicious Spirits it's still difficult to use. It also loses value in the event that you miss targets. When it's simmed the game, it's expected to hit all targets, so be sure to take these results with a pinch of salt. Psychic Link has counter synergy when talented into Searing Nightmare and just doesn't provide enough DPS to be competitive to the other two options.


Level 6 (Level 45) Talent for Shadow Priest


Damnation applies Shadow Word: Pain Vampiric Touch, and bringing The target is instantly struck by the plague.


Mindbender Summons Mindbender to summon a Mindbender to strike the target for 15 minutes.


Insanity is generated every time it attacks


Instant cast


60 second cooling down


Replaces Shadowfiend


Void Torrent Send a torrent of empty energy that hits the target, dealing (300% Spell power) Shadow Damage over 4 seconds. Generates 60 insanity over the course of.


Void Torrent acts as our single target nuke and provides us with Insanity over its duration. Damnation is a quick method to put your DoTs on a target that gives you total mastery shadow weaving. Mindbender is useful when the other two abilities aren't. This could be used in dungeons in which Mindbender is able to cast Searing Nightmare and then forget about it. Mindbender is also a great tool to use extremely effectively in conjunction with Shadowflame Prism.


7. (Level 50) Talent for Shadow Priest


Ancient Madness Entering Voidform increases the critical strike's chance of success by 30% for 15 seconds. It decreases by 2% every second.


Hungering Void The second and subsequent Void Bolts that hit the same target will do 25 percent more damage and will cause it to take 15 percent more damage until Void Bolt is cast on another target. The duration of Voidform by a one second, two in the event that Void Bolt is struck critically.


Surrender to Madness You instantly cast Void Eruption onto the person you want to target. Your ability to generate Insanity will give you 100percent more Insanity as you move for the remaining 25 seconds. If the target doesn't pass away within the first 25 seconds after applying Surrender to Madness You lose your life.


Instant Cast


90 second cooling down


This is our biggest shift row ever in Shadowlands. All three of our talents: Ancient Madness, Hungering Void and Surrender Madness are viable options. Surrender to Madness is best used in all situations where it is possible to survive with confidence and get the maximum amount of uptime on it's buff. Hungering Void is a great default talent to take here, it's viable in Dungeons and raids. Ancient Madness has some good initial burst on paper, however it's outsized quite quickly thanks to the higher speed of Voidform which is offered by Hungering Void and Surrender to Madness.


War Mode for Shadow Priest


War Mode is a World PvP mode. To toggle War Mode in Stormwind and Orgrimmar it is now possible to be able to access PvP skills in the world of nature. In addition, you will receive additional bonuses like higher rewards for World quests and an extra 10% experience. The downside is that you'll be playing in PvP mode, but the reward balancing risk.


Remember that not all abilities will provide you with the greatest Shadow Priest throughput. These are the best options that you can use to create outdoor content while this mode is in use. Keep in mind that these are the most effective options for PvE activities and may differ from those employed when fighting against other players.


War Mode bonuses may now scale up to 30% depending on the degree of imbalance in the PvP situation against your faction. Additionally you'll be able turn off War Mode in any resting region, including smaller cities and inns, which allows you to leave unfavorable situations if you so desire.


Shadow Priest PvP Talents that are specific to Shadow Priests


Driven to Madness Even though Voidform is not actively active, being attacked will reduce the cooldown by Voidform's 3 second duration.


Mind Trauma Fully-channeled Mind Flays result in you stealing 3% haste from the target for 20 seconds. One target will only be robbed of 12%. It can be stacked up to eight times.


Greater Fade Fade now increases your speed of movement by 50%, causing the majority of spells and attacks to miss you. Lasts 4sec.


Psyfiend summons Psyfiend summons a Psyfiend with 10 health for 12 seconds beside you to attack the object in the vicinity with Psyflay


Thoughtsteal allows you to take an enemy's spell, and then disable it for the duration of 20 seconds.


Void Origins Void Eruption can now be cast instantly


Void Shield If you cast it on yourself, 30% of damage you take in refills your Power Word: Shield


Void Shift You can swap your health percentages with the raider or group currently targeted. If they are below 25%, increase the health percentage for the lower level to 25%.


Improved Mass Dispel extends the duration of your devouring plague by six seconds.


What Warmode Talents Should You Choose?


War Mode can only be utilized in open world content (i.e. levels, world quests) you can use this talent configuration to accelerate your progress.


This BiS has a better mass dispel system and more powerful plague's, along with the same mechanism that ignites.


Void Origins - While Void Eruption does not have a particularly lengthy cast time anymore This allows you to be more mobile, and still send out DPS.


Greater Fade - Allows you to increase the number of mobs you can pull before breaking them down by launching a double explosion.


You can generally take any combination you want however Void Origins is recommended for better mobility and burst.


Our Shadow Priest guides are always updated with the latest information from game experience, simulations, and logs. Make sure to refer to this page, by clicking View Changelog at the top of the page. To find more Shadow Priest guides on Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination or Shadowlands Season 2, please check out the Navigation Bar and our list of Related guides below the Table of Contents.


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