Mark Levin: Because Pelosi has Trashed Impeachment Rules so She Can Railroad Trump, ‘GOP Senate Should Refuse to Hold th

Mark Levin is a national treasure, straight up, and one of the republic’s most capable, ardent defenders.

The talk show giant, Fox News host, author, former Reagan Justice Department official and constitutional expert (MARK LEVIN)  has gone to the mat to slap the Garbage Party and defend President Donald Trump against the scam impeachment effort that now appears to be seriously underway.

The effort is being led by one of the most corrupt, lawless, pieces of crap ever to darken the Speaker’s chair — Nancy Pelosi. [RELATED: MADNESS: House Conservatives Unconstitutionally Shunned From Congressional Hearing]

As Levin noted on his radio program Thursday, she has completely disregarded all the rules and constitutional precedent to railroad President Trump through impeachment, just so she and her messed up party can say ‘We impeached him.’ 

There’s no evidence to justify impeachment. Trump’s done nothing wrong. He beat Hillary, who — along with the corrupt DNC — conspired with Russia, Ukraine, and Barack Obama to undermine Trump’s campaign and depose him once he won the 2016 election.

Pelosi and the Democrats are likely going to vote to impeach Trump by Thanksgiving, Levin says — even though there’s been no formal impeachment resolution passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and the full House hasn’t voted on the articles. [RELATED: ‘It Looks Bad, It Smells Bad’: CNN Reporter Admits Joe Biden Has A Problem With His Son’s Ukraine Ties]

Instead, that fucktard Adam Schiff has been holding “hearings” in secret, not allowing the president’s counsel to be present, not allowing Republicans to question ‘witnesses,’ and leaking lies to the dog crap mainstream media which long ago surrendered any semblance of objectivity. They are nothing but paid liars for the Garbage Party.

Well, Levin has a solution for the GOP-controlled Senate: Tell Pelosi to resign.

Since Pelosi’s corrupted the historic impeachment process by breaking all the rules, Levin says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — who’s up for reelection next year — should make it clear to her and House Democrats that he doesn’t plan to hold an impeachment trial if they continue to say ‘nevermind the rules.’

As Levin noted, yes, all impeachment trials are held in the Senate but…there is no constitutional requirement to actually hold one. If one reads the language in the Constitution regarding the Senate’s role, it simply says impeachment trials will be held there; it doesn’t say they have to be held at all.

It’s kind of like when McConnell told Obama to screw off, he wasn’t going to hold confirmation hearings, much less a vote, for his third Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

Yes, the Senate holds those hearings. But there’s no constitutional requirement to give “advice and consent.” [RELATED: [VIDEO] Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against Trump Part 1 and 2]

Will the clown Democrats object? You bet they will. So will their media allies. But whine though they will, there isn’t a thing they can do about it.

Levin even noted there is a way to actually hold a vote to change Senate rules allowing McConnell to ‘justify’ not holding a trial — if he has the political nads to pull it off. It’s called the “nuclear option,” and McConnell used it to get Trump’s Supreme Court nominees confirmed. 

Levin noted as well that McConnell needs to do this — not only to protect a duly elected president who hasn’t done a thing wrong, but also to avoid setting a bad precedent for future Garbage Party actions against another duly elected president they hate.

In other words, he’s telling McConnell: Don’t mess around on this and let Pelosi crap all over the rules and the process to “get Trump.”

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