Reparations and the Democrats

A quick look at the Democratic scheme to pay reparations to blacks in America

There has been a fair amount of talk about the US Government (us) paying reparations to today’s blacks for the slavery their ancestors endured at the hands of Southern Democrats. This notion is flawed in many ways, but I’ll just touch on the most obvious here.

First of all, there is the rather stark reality that no person living today was a slave or has ever owned a slave. That means any payment would be based on some inherent guilt that whites mysteriously pass from one generation to another.  If that is how social justice was meted out then everyone would be paying someone since everybody has been wronged by someone back in history.  Should the Egyptians pay reparations to the Jews? It’s absurd. It’s a scheme that only the Democrats, the “Party of Slavery” could concoct in there never-ending quest to buy votes.  The irony is thick when one recalls that most slaves in America were owned by card-carrying members of the Democrats, who went on to form the KKK and put in place Jim Crow laws to keep the blacks “in their place”. In fact, Democrats want blacks to stay in their place within the Democratic Party. Any attempt to leave (see #Blexit) and they viciously turn on that individual.

Again, the irony that surrounds the blacks’ choice to join the Democratic Party that enslaved them some one hundred fifty years ago and beyond.  Do they not see they are being used? At any rate, if anyone owes blacks reparations, it is the Democratic Party and certainly no one else.

Do blacks need to be reminded that most whites did not own slaves (only the Democratic ones and a few others)?  Further, have they forgotten about the some 350 thousand dead or wounded white Union soldiers who fell on the battlefields of a war fought in part to emancipate the slaves.  What compensation do the blacks owe the families of those casualties of that bloody Civil War?

In short, the idea of paying reparations to somehow “pay for slavery” is full of holes, not the least of which is who should be paying whom? So can we dispense with this daft scheme to buy Democratic votes and focus on the real problems plaguing black communities? Thankskbye.

Trenchant Trøll

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