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Commander's Notebook #10

The public information that is not public.

Commander's Notebook #10


Recent events and some things I have heard in the last few days brought to mind just how much, and just how deeply asleep Americans are. So much so that American citizens need to make waking up a recreation. Like doing the daily crossword puzzle. Reading the sports page and watching the games. I will go one step farther and say that we need to make waking up the number one American pass time.




I make the word “why” in to it's own paragraph for the sole reason of the vast volume of knowledge used against the American Citizens every day. What is going on behind closed doors that our founding Fathers intended to be open and transparent is massive. You, have been trained, brain washed to look the other way. From generation to the next, ever more less aware by design, by a few connected Globalist families. As they have expanded their numbers, we, the people, have gone deeper into a comma of distractions. Even the majority on the right that claim to now be awake. Have no clue to the shear volume. Hint? Library of Congress times perhaps, fifty.


Why?... Because if we do not, I do not say this lightly, we will have a civil war for our daily recreation. Survival, for our daily recreation. Worry for our children, as our daily recreation. Please do not scoff. It was true yesterday that what you do not know, you don't know. Will be true tomorrow.


The great American Citizen investigation. Let those words sink in a moment. What dose that phrase mean to you?


As the founder of The S2 Project it means Citizen like you opening the closed doors of government. A little bit here. A little bit there. Sharing what you find. Awakening your fellow citizens who start to look a little bit here and there. Who wake up more people and then more people. Who start looking. Do you see? Dark to light is not magic. It's people. People becoming aware of the wrong and shining new day light for other people to see. If you like games and play to win. What better win could you have than to wake two people up to the truth? Like in the Superman TV series, “Truth, justice and the American way.” Is a recreation we should all enjoy.


C. Oldham, Commander, The S2 Project. 7/3/2019