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Smart Contracts Security Audits

Completely reliable, robust and flawless solution for smart contract security audits. We at Blockchain Firm have extreme expertise in both building smart contracts and in doing security audits for the smart contracts. Attractive packages are available. Call now.


Let me hit the point straight. If you are a blockchain geek, you sure know what the reentrancy attack, overflow/underflow attack, etc. was about. It did cost the victims in millions and billions. 

How did it happen? The hackers were clever enough to find the loophole in the coding and re-write the whole thing. Thereby, looting around 50 million dollars. 

One minor mistake in coding would completely crash the whole system. In order to avoid such mishaps, it is important to do thorough auditing before the smart contract goes live. 


Types of Smart Contract Security Auditing

There are two broad types of smart contract auditing. They are manual auditing and automatic auditing

Blockchain Firm, the smart contract security auditing company, provides both manual and automatic smart contract auditing services. 

Before moving any further, let us discuss in detail about these two types of smart contract auditing.

Manual Auditing

You guessed it right. It is to manually run the codes, check them for errors, rectify them then and there. This, in one way, is a reliable method to find the flaws. Having said that, it will cost you a huge amount. 

If your contract is short and straightforward, it is eventually easy to do manual verification. When the venture is big, not only it is challenging to do a manual verification, it will also cost you more. 

But at Blockchain Firm, you get budget-friendly plans. Also, without compromise, they make sure only the best of the developers take up the job. With no delay, they accomplish the mission successfully.

Automatic auditing

This involves running the codes automatically. The system will detect and rectify errors. Though this is easy to do, it does require some manual supervision. At 

Blockchain Firm, they do not hesitate to go an extra mile just to deliver beyond what was asked. After all, blockchain seems to run in their blood. If you are someone looking for the right smart contract auditing company, you are only a click away. Give them a call and get tour job done in the shortest TAT.