Youtube Subscribers

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To know about Youtube Subscribers you can read here and get to know more about it. Here you can also find the different ways to increase youtube subscribers.

YouTube, a name synonymous with the video-entertainment industry has grown exponentially in the last decade. Started in 2005 this social media video platform has grown over the years to clock over 2 billion visitors in a month as per the latest data released by YouTube ( At first, this number seems meagre as we expect greater from this platform but just to get a reality check, China, the most populous country in the world has a population of 1.4 billion. Such is the popularity of it that the word YouTube ( is defined as a verb in the dictionary. Wanna watch and learn how to code? Youtube it. Wanna watch trailers of movies? YouTube ( it. Or else want to watch how to make your favourite pasta? Just YOUTUBE It!!

Now just imagine with all these 2 billion monthly viewers online, if a YouTube ( creator gets even 1% potential viewers to his channel and even half of them subscribe to his channel for regular content he will have around 10 million subscribers ( Imagine not 1 or 2 .... but 10 MILLION people ready to listen to what you have to say and connect with you. Such is the drastic change YouTube has brought that helps you build virtual communities united by a common interest. Wondered what makes people subscribe ( to this great source of entertainment?

The most unique part about YouTube ( is the fresh and unique content available to the subscribers ( every single second of the day giving them the freedom to choose the content they find most entertaining. The variety of content available on YouTube ( Vlogs, Challenges, live streams, cooking videos, gaming, beauty, DIY, sit down chats, music videos, Q and A’s, skits, tips and tricks/advice videos, educational videos and many more - enables viewers to search for their interests on the platform and this traverses as far as the platform’s content will go if the viewer finds it entertaining.

This makes it different from the various entertainment-based OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Even though a large portion of these YouTubers ( were not professional actors when they started out but the fact that they were common people who came from the same strata of society as we, present the audience with what they want and expect from the variety of entertainment with possibility of further communication and interaction with other users of the platform. This helped them build a better connection with their subscribers ( unlike the actors on the OTT platforms who are professionals working with a crew under an established director.

Although a large number of videos on YouTube ( are made for solely entertainment purposes, many others help people who seek advice on a particular field from people who are good at it. YouTube ( has been successful in eliminating geographical barriers and allows anyone to access a particular lecture from an Ivy League university professor with a proper visual explanation. Students also use YouTube ( to solve problems they find difficult in their homework.