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Liberty Must Win

American liberty can not be saved by sitting on thy arse.

As my first post on this site it seems to me Conservative social media sites are starting to pop up like weeds. On the whole very positive. Though I resently signed up to go behind enemy lines (Twitter) to spead the word that The S2 Project is the Head Quarter for all American Patriots. My point? Not to retreat to a base camp and never take the fight to the enemy. We are in a Geo-social politiacal war. More directly, 50 wars for 50 states. Just because the BIG show is in DC dose not discount what is happening in your back yard. More the opposite is true.
    So sites like this one are awesome. Relax, recharge your batteries, rearm. But don't isolate yourself. Hiding in a barrel pulling the lid over yourself is in the socialist favor.
    Patriots uniting on line makes us strong. Uniting on line off line makes the Patriot breed 10 times stronger. If we can expand the III% ers to 4% we add a multiplier. This extra 1% is so powerful it is near imposible to put into words. If your not part of the III%ers, be a multipler all star and get in the fight for your own Liberty. Because Liberty Must Win.