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I hope they take this chance to PSO2 Meseta do a'fake out' victory theme. You know every time a raid boss reaches like 10% life left and it necessarily plays the principal game theme (Whole New World) with a few tool combination, for you hyped up that you're going to triumph and overcome the fight? I would like to see them do that, and it seems just like you're winning, the boss eventually looks like it is on its back leg, expiring, you can finally relax. And it gets up. The music stays the Entire New World, but it becomes gloomy, distorted. It becomes the last boss theme.

The teased Raid appears enjoyable. Multi platforms and there is a feeling of how enormous. And I'd bet that this guy has some insta kill moves, that complete platform laser seems to fit the bill also that stage destruction phase which likely is a perma kill, platform is ruined and there were warnings to escape, either you get restored into some other platform or get back to campship I suppose? The music seems really nice though, want to hear the entire version of this. Appears it was teased about the Anime onto a flashback of PD as a neat tid bit.

In the comment section Youtube and out of what I think, I do wonder if encouraging Vita that long was actually holding back PSO2 to create huge raids like these due to hardware limitations. With them dropping support for Vita, they now have more liberty on experimenting what was not possible in the past. So we see maps that are larger or new mechanisms. I'm assuming being on a platform as it is destroyed is at least an instant kiill, if an extended timeout death - there's at minimum some kind of visual effect to it, you may see the individual the camera is on in the moment turn black and a black bubble forms.

I am also like 99% convinced that there's going to become a PSIV closing phase-esque second stage, right close to the end the eye bursts and starts gushing black blood. Yeah noticed that this one also, which was why I had been alluding this to something like this or some kind of punishment for dying there (e.g. can't be revived by moon and booted to campship as it won't make sense you reviving on mid air). I wonder if this will be one of these raids that there's a bigger chance of failure however (e.g. limited revives) since present content so much has been integrating that like Split quests and SEGA's been gradually adding new failure ailments within fresh content to add issue this season.

The player seems like it's at a statis state, and I'm sure the other players who face implanted on that part really demonstrates that too on their end. Prolly a client side cartoon. If they tie this in with all the past Phantasy Star series I'll be thankful for can you buy meseta on pso2 SEGA. I wonder what, since we already have Ooze though from character PD. Can not be a PD struggle without one I would agree.