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Tokyo Tour Ideas for Animal Lovers

Tokyo is the city of kawaii or all things cute and adorable, so it is no surprise that it houses a lot of attractions and establishments that feature loveable animals that visitors can play with

Tokyo is the city of kawaii or all things cute and adorable, so it is no surprise that it houses a lot of attractions and establishments that feature loveable animals that visitors can play with. If you are an animal lover who is planning a trip to Tokyo, then here are some spots you should definitely consider visiting. They are incredibly animal as well as family-friendly. 

Dine-in at pet cafés.

The animal café craze started off with cats in Tokyo, but it quickly grew to a wide variety of options, ranging from domestic pets to tamed animals. There are the usual cute dog or cat cafes existing everywhere, but you can also dine in very unique ones such as owl café, hedgehog café, rabbit café, bird café, penguin bar, goldfish café, and goat café. If you want to dive in deeper, there are even coffee shops or restaurants that feature exotic animals such as the South American native animal capyneko, different species of snakes, and Mame Shiba Inu (miniature Shiba Inu dog).

If you are concerned about the welfare of the animals, it is best to take a look inside first and see if there is few to no cages and enough space for them to wander. You can also get a feel of the atmosphere on whether or not the animals are stressed and being treated properly. If you want to support Japanese animal lovers, there are also a lot of cafes that double as animal shelters or havens.

Visit the Hachiko Statue.

For pet lovers, especially dog lovers, the tale of Hachiko is incredibly inspirational and heart-warming. For those who don’t know or haven’t seen the movie adaptation, Hachiko is an Akita dog who would go to the Shibuya Station every evening. Even after his owner died he still kept on going to the same spot for 10 years. There is a small bronze statue in front of the station to commemorate the dog’s loyalty. This is definitely a worthy side trip if you are going to the Shibuya Crossing. 

Tour the famous Tokyo zoos.

Tokyo has some of the best and well-maintained zoos in the world. They’re everywhere, and it’s only a matter of choosing which one to go first. Ueno Zoological Gardens is Japan’s oldest and most popular zoo, which is known for its adorable pandas. It also has a wide variety of animals, and as a unique experience guests can sample the same food that the animals eat.

The Tama Zoological Park, on the other hand, is an open 52-hectare park which is absolutely cage free. There are four areas: the Asiatic Garden, Australian Garden, African Garden, and Insectarium. It is a bit far from central Tokyo, but a whole day tour around this area where you can marvel at snow leopards and rare insects is completely worth it.

For kids, the Inokashira Park Zoo is definitely a good place. It’s a small zoo that has some of the most adorable animals that kids can pet and play with. For aquatic life enthusiasts, the Enoshima Aquarium (with the jellyfish show), Sunshine Aquarium (featuring “flying” penguins), and Tokyo Sea Life Park (home to huge aquatic domes) are highly recommended.

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