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EVE: Echoes Trailer - The New EVE Online Mobile Game Revealed

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CCP Games stocks EVE: Echoes trailers and information - an interstellar fight, trade, or eve echoes isk mining cellular space sport coming to iOS and Android in 2019. CCP Games has officially unveiled EVE: Echoes, formerly titled EVE: Project Galaxy, a brand-new mobile game set in an alternate universe of EVE Online's New Eden. Developed by NetEase Games in partnership with CCP Games, EVE: Echoes is aiming for a 2019 global release date (will start in Chinese market ) on iOS and Android.

EVE: Echoes is a separate cellular game from EVE: War of Ascension (published by Kongregate) that is an original strategy game, and they will release at several times.

EVE: Echoes is set in the EVE Online universe intends to likewise let gamers explore deep space, to compose not just their own history, but that of the galaxy itself. What's always made EVE Online uniquely unique its its lore, entirely crafted by the players and their actions. Whether participating in interstellar battle, commerce, or exploration, as well as many other activities across tens of thousands of planetary systems, players will be free to experience hallmark EVE gameplay on their preferred mobile device. "Working with NetEase, among the world's leaders in mobile gambling on our most treasured IP, EVE Online, was something I've been very excited about ever since our discussions started. I believe mobile is the obvious next step to bring a classy version of our legendary PC experience to an even larger audience."

"We're huge fans of EVE Online and if the chance arose to challenge ourselves and make something as challenging as EVE Online but for mobile devices, we were thrilled. EVE: Echoes is pushing the bounds of what is possible on mobile devices now and with our experience in mobile game development, we are confident that fans of the franchise and mobile games generally will be really happy with the last outcome."

Along with retaining EVE's signature gameplay mechanisms, EVE: Echoes may also use its social network as part of its overall experience. Players may join and lead corporations, align together with other people to form even-stronger coalitions, whilst catching opposing rivals' territories through enormous fleet conflicts. A profound and realistic social network is also being developed which will provide players with eve isk for sale an interconnected futuristic interstellar lifestyle.