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Top 7 DeFi Projects to Look Out for in 2020

There are thousands of active DeFi projects out there. Seven of these projects, in particular, stand out. Some of these broaden the scope of the decentralized era, as a result its potential use can be seen to skyrocket. History has shown that the first-mover advantage is critical for compa

Doubtless, there are other exciting DeFi projects that deserve to be in the spotlight. For now, we will examine the Top 7. Given below are the top 7 DeFi projects, ranked in descending order, that will be likely revamping their respective businesses.


DIA is the open-source decentralized platform for transparent, group-verified price oracles for DeFi applications.

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) needs to be an open-source, data oracle platform for the DeFi ecosystem. DIA powers the crypto economic comfort to drive supply, share and use transparent, crowd-verified price data and oracles on financial and digital assets. This token is claimed to be a governance token.

Key Features

  • Data Oracle Infrastructure for DeFi
  • Governance Tokens Distribution Mechanisms
  • Ecosystem Token Pool
  • Autonomous Distribution Via Bonding Curve
  • Transparency

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2. Chainlink

ChainLink is a decentralized oracle network which provides real-world data to immutable smart contracts on the blockchain. LINK is the crypto asset token utilized to pay for services on the network.

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3. Yearn Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform which plans to perform a host of functions like aggregated liquidity, leveraged trading, and automated marketing making. YFI is the native token in the yearn. finance platform.

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4. Uniswap

Uniswap is the marketplace where it allows Traders, developers, and the liquidity providers to access the platform globally with full access. It is a set of computer programs which run on Ethereum Blockchain.

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5. UMA

UMA calls itself a protocol for building synthetic assets. It needs to allow users to write self-enforcing smart contracts with economic guarantees. UMA is developed to power the financial innovations made available by permissionless, public blockchains, like Ethereum. Using concepts borrowed from fiat financial derivatives, UMA is an open-source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts.

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Aave is an open source and non-custodial protocol allowing the development of money markets. Users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. Aave plans to introduce liquidity mining and staking rewards for those locking up in their LEND tokens.

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Synthetix is a derivatives liquidity protocol on Ethereum that allows the issuance and trading of synthetic assets. Each synthetic asset is an ERC20 token which tracks the price of an external asset. In term, the system can support any asset with a right price and provides on-chain exposure to an unlimited range of real-world assets. The protocol will enable a variety of trading features including binary options, futures, and more.

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