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My first post here. (Can't post often - still have a day job - patience please.) Chose the group "Socialism Is Suicide" as a knee-jerk reaction after attempting rational dialogue with leftists in Tw_itter. The few who try to bridge the ideology gap with some measure of decency and good intentions still are so dug in that it usually devolves into an untenable stalemate, or just ugly name-calling, as if that settles the discussion. <eye roll> The concept of deep state and parallel government pulling the strings of all visible governments is clearer to me all the time. If the concepts of the Hegelian Dialectic, cognitive dissonance, the Saul Alinsky playbook, etc. are not in the vocabulary, we have no common ground to even start a discussion. Left and right are fabrications, with the public sloshing one way or the other every election to give them the illusion of control. The social breakdown we are experiencing is fomented by intentional chaos, to the point where any individual can be overwhelmed with so much broken logic that the brain just gives up, and retreats to instinctive temporary positions that have served to buffer the mind in the past. Death by a thousand needles as it were. Globalism is painted as a shiny new toy with utopian intentions, which is devastating bait for the weak minded out there. If it were achieved with noble leadership and righteous intentions, I suppose it could be a rational goal. But that's not what is happening. Am I alone? Call me out. Beat me up. Agree or disagree. But isn't this the main thing?? Plus I'm guessing that too much of this will get the threads banned from Twit_ter. Being popular there is like sitting at the lunch table with the cool kids - in an asylum. Not looking for friends. I'd rather have clarity.

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Look at what they're doing to our country!

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  • What the hell is wrong with people who want to turn the greatest country in the history of the world into a Socialist, Globalist oppressive hell hole?