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Sex Trafficking in Oregon....
First, these girls and boys are kidnapped from foreign countries or from foster care. They are brought here by undocumented and on ships through our ports. Oregon's sanctuary laws prevent anyone from asking about immigration status. Our governor...
70 AM · Jan 19, 2020·Twitter Web App
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Duncan Redeem
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will not allow the feds into Oregon to secure our ports. These victims are hidden inside the massive homeless population. They are forced drugs, promised a better life and turned into prostitutes. When will it stop? Vote for me as Oregon's next Governor and I will......
Duncan Redeem
end the state's sanctuary law! I will reverse the homeless population with a massive jobs agenda! I will allow ICE and other federal agencies to do their jobs and I will secure our ports! Vote Duncan as Oregon's next Governor!

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My name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon's next Governor. Please follow me to help me push my campaign to flip Oregon red.

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