About PolitiChatter.com

PolitiChatter’s primary purpose is to provide an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t censor political opinion on either side, left or right. We welcome and encourage all sides of political discourse. “Political Correctness” is neither required nor desired within our social community! We strive to offer a niche social network that provides politically disenfranchised Facebook and Twitter users a censorship-free space for interaction. We do not require identification and other personal information to register and join because we do not sell it to anyone. Only an email address is required. Aside from that, you may choose to remain anonymous with a fictitious user name. Other sites steal your browsing history, purchase history, personal information and monitor your private conversations. They then sell this information to advertisers, app developers and other entities. We do not. PolitiChatter.com is wholly owned by PolitiChatter, Inc. You may reach us at - support@politichatter.com